Causative Verb HAVE

Posted: 18 Februari 2010 in Educations

Causative Verb Have

Study the following sentences:
1. I have the secretary type the letters.
2. I had my brother carry my bag.
To say that we arrange someone to do something for us,we use the structure of causative.In sentences 1 and 2 above,the verb ‘have/had’ is followed by indirect object (the secretary and my brother).In this causative sentences construction, we put the simple form of a verb after the indirect object.
3. I have my shoes cleaned.
4. I had my watch repaired.
On the other hand,in sentences 3 and 4 the verb ‘have/had’ is followed by direct object (my shoes and my watch). Here, we use the structure ‘have something done’.
Those are the past participle’s construction.


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