Procedure To do Thing

Posted: 18 Februari 2010 in Educations

Procedure To do Thing

To do thing we should follow a certain Procedure. A certain procedure on a certain workplace is usually called Standard Operating Prosedure (SOP). The function of SOP is making the workers able to do their own specific work well,SOP is makin a kind of rule which must be obeyed by the workers or a person who works in a certain business.
SOP in industrial safety
Its used for preventing accidents,the rules are;
1. Always wear an apron or an overall.
2. Wear a shirt with short sleeves or roll up the long sleeves.
3. Always wear safety boots at work.
4. Be sure that ur hair is always short.
5. Wear goggles n gloves during work on machine.
6. Don’t carry sharp tools in the pockets.
7. Don’t run in the workshop, Alway walk.
8. Don’t hang objects around the next.


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